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Demo mechanical gutter cleaning
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About us

Welcome to the website of the high pressure cleaning company Van Hattem. When you are a professional grower you have found the right match. Your horticultural surely is in good hands with Van Hattem. We can make sure that you will start the summer with fully protected crops, but we make sure that you can start your new cultivation in a spotless greenhouse as well. High Pressure Cleaning Company Van Hattem is pre-eminently specialized in the coating of greenhouses, clearing out the chalk coatings, and the (chemical) cleaning of greenhouses.


Quality, flexibility, reliability.

High Pressure Cleaning Company Van Hattem is founded in 1992. Since the very beginning quality and flexibility are very important and distinctive features. As for the quality? You will find that feature covering all the aspects of doing business with Van Hattem. We deliver craftsmanship in a punctual and caring way. But we also believe that a deal is a deal, in which we include extended aftercare. Therefore, quality equals reliability for High Pressure Cleaning Company Van Hattem.

Our services

Coating greenhouses manually or mechanically

Through various means. Coating greenhouses manually or mechanically.


Removing chalk manually or mechanically

We remove chalk manually or mechanically in several ways.

Chemical cleaning of greenhouses

Machined chemical cleaning of greenhouses

Mechanical cleaning of gutters

Mechanical cleaning of gutters

Spraying chlorine mechanically

Spray mechanical and be able to reach it all. Even underneath the hanging gutters. It is off course possible to spray the glass with chlorine as well.

Spray equipment rental

Spray equipment rental

Our Clients

Van Hattem is the specialist in coating greenhouses and they always go after a perfect result. I am very satisfied.

Hans Mulders, Director

Why coating the old fashioned way if Van Hattem does the job automated and durable? We’re seriously pleased with the services.

Karin Doeksen, Manager

Would you like to discuss a project with us?

Please contact us.

Contact us

Would you like to discuss a project with us? Please contact us.

Establishment Rotterdam (correspondence address)
Bovendijk 198
3045 PD Rotterdam

Establishment Almere
Josephine Bakerstraat 69
1311 GC Almere

Tel. (010) 511 64 35
Fax (010) 511 36 29


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