Chemical cleaning of greenhouses

Machined chemical cleaning of greenhouses

Super fast, super strong, and super clean!
For the mechanical chemical cleaning inside of your greenhouse you have come to the right place with Van Hattem as well. The machines we use are designed by ourselves so therefore we can say they offer you three major advantages: they are super fast, super strong, and super clean!

The first greenhouse cleaning robot is able to clean in every corner, in every rod, and every hole and does that with the utmost evenness. There may be used a variety of cleaning products in the system. We always use clean water for the rinsing of the machines. Feel free to say the capacity of the machines is very high: each robot can clean about 6 to 8 hectares a day!

There are a couple of requirements though, such as a minimum glass area of 3 hectares, a minimum implant height – vegetation height of 4 meters and a minimum rooflength of 70 metres. There is also the need for the heating pipes to be on the floor. The mechanical cleaning system can only be used on pipe rail systems which are properly fixed.