Coating greenhouses manually or mechanically

Through various means. Coating greenhouses manually or mechanically.


Why should you coat your greenhouse?
For generations long, coating with chalk is the most effective screen method.
Why should greenhouses be coated? A lot of crops are very sensitive to intense sunlight. By coating the greenhouses white in spring or summer, the sunlight will be tempered, and depending on the thickness of the chalk the heat will be kept out and the growth of the crops will be affected in a positive way.

What do we use to coat?
We are not dependent on any chalk manufacturer.

There are a lot of chalk resources with just as much specific properties. Van Hattem is, however, not dependent on any chalk manufacturer whatsoever. That is, again, an important distinctive feature. Surely there is only one interest and that is your interest. We coat with all available means. They differ among the possibilities to apply them, durability, and ease of spraying. But what they all have in common is the fact that they are particularly environmentally friendly. You wonder what the best sort of chalk is for you? Van Hattem can take you through all the different options.

Coating manuallymachinaal krijten HPW 028
The possibilities are endless. How Van Hattem works? Well, you call, and Van Hattem does it all. That is step one. The next step is that we will go through all the requirements and possibilities together. What technical capabilities is your greenhouse providing? Which coating thickness will work best for your crops? Would you like for the chalk to be washed away by rain or do you want the chalk to protect your crops for the entire season? The possibilities are endless.

Across the entire Netherlands, Van Hattem has an impeccable reputation when it comes to the coating of greenhouses. We only work with well-trained professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Above all, we coat while taking the strictest safety regulations into account.
But in addition we prioritize quality and flexibility.

Coating mechanically
10 to 15 hectares a day per spraying machine.
The safety of our employees is very high valued with Van Hattem.

machinaal krijten HPW 034Despite this, coating manually is under a lot pressure of the government. Partly for this reason, Van Hattem in association with Poot introduced the HPW spraying techniques in 2005. HPW spraying techniques are since then developing mechanical coating methods. With that, we were the first mechanized spray company in the Netherlands. It is also possible to spray other products, such as reduclean and oxalic acid.

Years of development have preceded here and our techniques are still unmatched. Coating your greenhouse mechanically guarantees maximum safety and numerous other advantages such as mechanical evenness, not to mention the competitive rates.

Thanks to the large number of spray robots and their wide capacity we can start working for you in an instant. Due to a new application technique it is also possible to splash the chalk on your greenhouse so you can screen your crops in every imaginable gradation. Everything is possible, even if you only want the sunny side of your greenhouse chalked.